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Patrik Thelandersson

CEO +46701896401

Jon Perslow

Head of product +46701896409

Richard Robertsson

HEAD OF SALES +46737010021

Jeremy Danner


Nina Littorin

SALES & MARKETING +46760017869

For genereal inquiries, collaborations or to book a demo, email us att hello@pindeliver.com 
Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about individual deliveries. Instead, contact customer service at the merchant where you ordered your goods.

Over 20 years of experience

pinDeliver is a part of the it-group Elicit

pinDeliver is developed by the IT company Elicit, which is headquartered in central Gothenburg.
The idea of pinDeliver came about when we ourselves felt that it must be possible to get better information as a recipient of deliveries than is often the case today.

Based on the idea, pinDeliver has developed into a system that streamlines the entire delivery process, from unsorted delivery lists to accurate deliveries.

Today we have a close collaboration with Elicit, and over 70 employees with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


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