pinDeliver GO (for Android and iOS)

The native versions of our driver app pinDeliver GO contain features that require access to the mobile device’s camera (for scanning) as well as location information. By using or interacting with the Service, you agree to:

  • The mobile application may start the mobile device’s camera function
  • The mobile application may collect and use the position of the mobile device Photos and Camera: We will not access your mobile device’s camera without your prior express permission and we will never read or import your photo library or camera roll. The camera function is used only for scanning barcodes on packages to be delivered.
  • Location: We will not collect or use the specific location of your mobile device (using for example GPS or Bluetooth) without first obtaining your express permission. Your location information is used to calculate planned delivery times and to show your latest known location on a map in pinDeliver Office. We will never show your position in real time.